Karam Sebastiano Cannarella with extreme naturalness ranges from painting to sculpture, and a constantly evolving research leads him to go beyond the flat surface of the painting by modelling sculptures such as turtles, busts, books and giving new life to disused musical instruments.

Over time he has developed a visual language influenced by oriental culture, which has become his signature style and makes his works immediately recognisable. He experiments with a new expressiveness by blending pictorial and sculptural language, combining the authenticity of tradition with the modernity and post-modernity of contemporary art, as a declaration of love.

Cannarella’s sculpture is a “sign” that becomes a message dictated by a set of calligraphic elements such as signs and letters transported on the surface of the sculpture in a ritual and immutable way for the technical and emotional success of the same.

He moulds a multitude of sculptural turtles in resin of different sizes decorated with the superimposition of colours and calligraphic elements that mutually possess each other until they precipitate into each other, floating between them, capable of creating a network of connections and new letter-symbols.

Sculptures as “symbol”, as can be seen in the choice of the other subjects created. The large books are visual, tactile synonyms of culture, which in their abstractness enclose the concreteness of words, in whose sum and conjunction we find meaning.
The busts, in their anonymity, are on the one hand dispensers of knowledge, and on the other hand the very material of art, while the mandolins in their silence remind us of the beauty of musical culture.

Le sculture di Karam Cannarella


Acrylic on resin
40x35x30 cm – 2007