Cannarella Foundation

The Cannarella Foundation, established in Milan in 2013 at the behest of the artist Karam Sebastiano Cannarella, who is its president, aims to support, preserve, promote and enhance contemporary cultural and artistic activity in all its expressive forms.

The Foundation was born from the idea of ​​disseminating the work of the same founder by making his works as well as publications, audio-visuals and multi-media available to the public, art lovers, students and researchers.

The Foundation was not conceived as a purely personal experience, rather as an international crossroads of new ideas, opportunities for visual, emotional and mental enrichment.

In this context, the Cannarella Foundation continues with the intent to raise awareness, design and implement initiatives aimed at cultural development, in order to bring out new talents and increase their artistic skills in order to increase the impulse of human development.

Another purpose, conferred on the Foundation, is to recognize the authenticity of the arts through the preservation of cultural heritage, the beauty of monuments, natural sites and the environment in general, using adequate means for better management of natural resources without harming their aesthetic value.

The Foundation wishes to organize and participate in national and international events, conferences, debates and seminars in collaboration with other public and private bodies and institutions, both in Italy and abroad.

To encourage, also through the institution of scholarships, training courses and research in the cultural, historical and artistic fields, promoting the publication of books, catalogs and magazines.

The foundation undertakes to set up other cultural structures and create a network of contacts with national and international institutions and museums with a view to sharing intentions, mutual support and promotions by organizing specific educational projects, guided tours and interactive workshops in order to bring the public to contemporary art.

In order to encourage further knowledge of contemporary art, the work of the Foundation promotes the setting up of a virtual museum, taking care of the management of works from donations, from young artists and more.

Furthermore, the Cannarella Foundation establishes a relationship of collaboration with the Foundations that have set the same objectives aimed at the realization of common programs with a view to promoting the pictorial arts and all forms of art. In agreement with similar foundations, it enters into a partnership agreement for the implementation of the aforementioned programs.

The same is sold to the art critic Giorgio Grasso who proposes to pursue exclusively public utility purposes in the research, promotion and dissemination of contemporary art.