The vast imagery linked to the waters and the creatures that inhabit them, the large number of myths and fairy tales that interpret their rich symbolism, as well as the sacred and profane works of art that have fruitfully populated the history of man, testify how profound and the link between man and the aquatic element is ancestral.

Cannarella creates works of art in memory of the colors of the catch, the paranze, the boats of the fishermen of his country, the luciare that in the early morning arrive at the port full of darting fish.

These memories are represented by painting schools of fish that refer to the frenzy of being in the world, to life and its intrinsic chaos. Paintings in which fish become the unit of measurement of a potentially infinite decoration that is sometimes enriched with calligraphic motifs.

The bright and luminous painting helps to recreate this vitality and variety that the sea offers.

The visual result is of great pleasantness and beauty despite the chaos of the superimposed shapes. Painted fish become a synthesis of form and content.

Opere di Karam Cannarella - Arabeschi marini


Oil on jute – 85×85 cm. – 2010