Karam Sebastiano Cannarella is increasingly fascinated by Arabic calligraphy and its graphic signs so full of secrets and beauty.

What most captures the attention and at the same time the curiosity of the artist, is the rhythm that springs from this calligraphy and in which Cannarella gets lost, finding the motivation and inspiration for the production of new works.

Once again, in Cannarella’s paintings, we find a strong will to become, the sign takes shape, the sign lives to give voice to words and thoughts, a sign that turns into letters, to become a sign again.

In his works the symbols evoke ancestral forces of the memory of our peoples as real and concrete as the sign, as vaporous and magical as the stories of the time.

The painting contains within itself, through the study of symbolism, the distant past with the present present.

The power of transformation and superimposition is manifested in the artist’s works. Signs that overlap to change again into other signs.

Opere di Karam Cannarella - Calligrafia

“Signes et symboles”

Oil on canvas – 100×100 cm. – 2004