This series of paintings by the Master Karam Sebastiano Cannarella entitled “the painted Identity” of his homeland, represent an extraordinary and happy opportunity to communicate and give to international culture the image of a Sicily as a wonderful land that contains in itself a rich and vast historical, artistic and intellectual heritage.

The depiction of this series of paintings reflects a moment of intimate reflection, pictorial works from which memories of his past emerge, discovering how any glimpse of the Sicilian countryside or a very blue corner of the sea can evoke the never-dormant beauty of his native land. 

In his paintings there is man and his identity, he recounts referring to the man he knows and that he himself has within himself. It tells the human and natural universe of Sicily, pictorial pages of intense lyricism that describe the truth of a land that has given humanity the miraculous spectacle of its places, the magnificence of history and the beauty of art.

Fragments of stories from which emerge from the fervent rhythms of lights and colors, places and traditions, an emotionality that is continually renewed in measuring itself with the inspiring reality. In fact, his engaging “figurative” painting, highly realistic, allows figures lost in time, forgotten, to emerge in the landscape setting, as if driven by the desire to return to the present.

Opere di Karam Cannarella - L'identità dipinta

“U cuffaro”

Oil on canvas – 120×100 cm. – 2017