The artist embarks on a metaphorical journey, from the West to the East, with the aim of bringing together two cultures, in a privileged territory, that of art.

It stages 1,300 plates of the size 67×96 cm depicting, the Holy Text of the Koran. It appears in its majesty a completely original work, undoubtedly a unique.

Thus he produces about 1300 tables, using acrylic on wood (97 × 65 cm.) With a mixed technique. In fact, he uses acrylics, but also glues, tempera paints and bitumen.

It is a unique work of its kind, a completely original work, because no one has ever tried his hand at producing tables on the Koran in such a categorical and punctual way.

In addition, he also produced about a hundred plates on the Sayings of the Prophet (the testimonies of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad).

Opere Corano Acrilico su Legno - Karam Cannarella

Page 587 – Verse 1

Acrylic on wood – 97×65 cm. – 1993

Autorizzazioni opere sul Corano

“With this long work of mine I absolutely did not want to teach Koranic lessons (I want to underline it) but simply art. Since everyone can talk about the Koran, why not do it through painting, colors? Obviously, since it was not allowed to use iconography, I had to arrange myself in other ways, while still fully respecting all the dictates imposed by Islam. And the result was also highly appreciated by the highest Muslim institutions. In fact, my works have obtained the documented approval of the prestigious Egyptian Academy of Islamic Research Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, and have attracted the attention of many Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia. In 1995, in fact, in Riyadh, the Saudi Ministry of Culture organized my personal one with works on the Koran, entitled “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” and sponsored by Saudi prince Faisal Bin Fahad Bin Abdul Aziz and President General Ibrahim Ali Al Ali. The national newspaper “Al Riad” (June 7, 1995) also talked about the event, which met with great success.”

Karam Cannarella