With the intention of bringing together two deeply different cultures, to such an extent as to influence the mindset, the artist embarks on a metaphorical journey from the West to the East, with reference to art, which is represented thanks to an enlarged look at the world that sees and studies the artistic context in its true global aspect, and not as if it were still matter and exclusive fruit of Western culture alone.
It stages 1,300 plates of the size 67 96 cm depicting, the Holy Text of the Koran. Appears in its majesty a completely original work, undoubtedly a unique.

Imagining a huge book you can read the entire page of the Koran that the artist with the use of the brush and with extreme precision transcribes in Arabic language highlighting with different colors, compared to the text, the verse that depicts. Manifests the personal feeling perceived in the creative act by applying on the background of each table different colors, indicates the number of the reference page of the Koran and number of the verse to which the pictorial representation is inspired, to make the message more accessible. Affirmed Master, presents a fascinating figuration of complex forms, emphasized by perspectives, by funds, by cuts, figurative elements that fluctuate in an atmosphere full of suggestions, stimulated by a great emotional force and imagination that, mysteriously, announces the Message as a pivotal element that is transformed into chromatic lyric, full of hidden meanings, where the divine and the richness of the graphic invention are linked by a tension that flows into the spell in which the unknown is miraculously revealed and in which it is possible to identify the becoming of man
Opere Corano Acrilico su Legno - Karam Cannarella

Page 587 – Verse 1

Acrylic on wood – 97×65 cm. – 1993

Autorizzazioni opere sul Corano

By establishing a dialogue between abstract expressionism and surrealism loaded with emotional force coming from the imagination of a figurative reality, a metaphysical world, the artist stages the personal artistic dimension, tense in search of a grammar that allows you to communicate with the dogmatic power of images, the power of the Koranic letter. Through a pictorial language of wise visual communication, equipped with tones, combinations and contrasts, symbols and forms, the artist with a modern spirit and culture puts into action the creative moment in the translation by images the inner emotion perceived by the sound of the divine Word that is transformed into chromatic lyric, full of hidden meanings. He articulates with total mastery the interpretation of the Word in pictorial images in which the composition is supported by an intimate link to the theme of the subject, poetically transfigured in chromatic synthesis by his pictorial gesture from which much of his poetic sensitivity shines.
He produces his abstract-geometric art in pictographic signs, animated by an intense inner energy, which transforms them into informal biomorphic entities; all in an omnia work, conceived as a whole compact and homogeneous, striving, and successfully, make it a perfect coincidence between structure and form, of signifier and meaning, where each of the two terms appears inseparable from the other.

Karam Cannarella