With this personal research the artist has retraced the footsteps of the past to tell the present. As if linked by a common thread to the pictorial past of important predecessors who made school, the artist continues his research right from the extremes of their lessons to give a sense of unity to the past and the present, not to forget the power of voices of whose echo can still be heard.

The pictorial works of Karam Cannarella depict an artistic path built on the example of the masterpieces of the greatest masters, very different from each other such as Caravaggio, Botticelli, Warhol and Van Gogh.

Each of his paintings brings to mind the memory of something, bringing something from the past to life, or giving new life to something that lends itself to be reinterpreted. In art, every interpretation is a Copernican revolution, it constitutes a new work, giving a new identity to the work of art even if the differently interpreted object remains.

The artist reinterprets the works of the Masters, demonstrating a great stylistic ability. Each of his paintings has a narrative value capable of transmitting suggestions detached from the updates and adjustments of fashions. By revisiting the pictorial works of the great masters and exponents of the past in a contemporary key, he almost relives the idea of ​​mimesis perpetrated and handed down by the tradition of art.

Opere di Karam Cannarella - Viaggio nell'arte

“The Holy Family – M.Buonarroti”

Oil on canvas – 100×100 cm. – 2015

Opere di Karam Cannarella - Viaggio nell'arte

“Frida Kahlo”

Oil on canvas – 100×100 cm. – 2015

It starts from a focal point, that is the work to be reproduced, but inevitably reaches another point, which is that of the implicit subjective reinterpretation and subtle personalization of the work, feeding the suggestive dynamism and the expressive scope of the overall composition and entering its peculiar imprinting of exclusive re-elaboration.

The artist takes inspiration and symbolically takes possession of the original image, makes it his own and increases its strength, vigor and energy of the essence and content. He revives the representations of art history in his paintings, reinterprets them and makes them the living substance of his own painting through their integration with the forms of symbols or with the works previously created.

They are pictorial works through which Karam Cannarella creates a contemporaneity that materializes when images of works distant in time appear in the artist’s mind to give free interpretation to new works in a modern key. It allows us to celebrate and appreciate the great Masters even more and to grasp and incorporate even the smallest and meticulous variations into art, those slight accents and those more subtle mottling and glazing, which are strengthened and made stand out in the creative act.