Cannarella produces canvases of various sizes, with a figurative flavor based on the research of Moroccan culture.

Through the pictorial interpretation it directly represents a visual code that is articulated by supporting and reproducing the atmospheres, lights, shadows and colors that take on the traditional connotations of Moroccan culture.

This is a way of approaching painting that is completely personal and intimate. The artist represents – through his memories and his experience in those lands – the scenes, colors and feelings they evoke in him.

The paintings portray houses or architectural details, characters, landscapes, on which he tried to superimpose the life he has known, with all its stories and related traditions. He creates paintings depicting men and women committed to carrying out daily life gestures, showing the harshness and difficulties of living in sometimes difficult places, but which therefore further delineate their purity.

The canvases are exclusively painted in oil, through chromatic mixtures and vivid colors well contrasted by brushstrokes, backgrounds and stains reproposed in a completely personal way, finding pictorial solutions of prestige and great effect.

Opere di Karam Cannarella - Opere Marocchine

“Girl in Marrakech”

Oil on canvas – 80×59 cm. – 1992