The artist creates narrative moments on social, political and cultural issues, offering the public food for thought to generate change. Works of art with great communicative power, each depiction conceals a message. Through the world of images, Karam Sebastiano Cannarella offers keys to interpreting our time, listening to the most important urgencies, identifying community messages and realising that we are all authors of a single destiny.



The artist manifests a social focus that denotes a particular sensitivity in observing reality. He observes the world by depicting different themes and his art goes down into the squares, into the streets, meets the people, constantly integrates itself into the dimension of everyday existence, contributing to social quality, fostering inclusion, developing cohesion, facilitating the active participation of the community. By analysing everyday life, the artist becomes an active protagonist of the reality in which he lives, accompanying society through his art to break out of pre-established patterns and see beyond, planning and dreaming of a better present and future. A collective feeling, shared by many, to which, however, he was able to give form, a simple form with a strong singularity that, even today, makes him unique. He stages an art that wants to contribute to real political and social change with respect to some important issues that still condition our lives.